Poseidon’s Atlantis Adventure

Dive into the captivating world of Poseidon’s Atlantis Adventure: The Human Hybrid Experience. In the aftermath of a cataclysmic clash between Titans and Olympians, Poseidon, overshadowed by his brother Zeus, embarks on a celestial quest riding a majestic Hippocampus.           As he travels through time, Poseidon encounters Cleito, a young woman with a deep connection to his ancestry. Together, they uncover the secrets of her parents, Euenor and Leucippus, and their utopian paradise.


            In this new world, Poseidon faces ethical dilemmas and technological wonders. With the guidance of Kyrie, a celestial envoy from the Pleiades, he explores genetic engineering and human hybrids, igniting moral introspection.

Kyrie – Star Woman

          Amidst these revelations, Poseidon delves into The Way, a spiritual path led by Mystical Traveler Lucas. Lucas unveils the cosmic love that shapes the universe and the soul’s quest for serenity.

Lucas Mystical Traveler



        But danger lurks in this sanctuary as Artemis and Ares conspire to create hybrid warriors, risking the balance between science and morality and invoking the legacy of Orion.   Poseidon’s Atlantis Adventure is a spellbinding saga filled with divine rivalries, ethical quandaries, and the transformative power of love and enlightenment. Explore the enigmatic realms of Atlantis and beyond, where gods confront destiny, and humanity teeters on the precipice of unimaginable change. If you love Greek mythology and fantasy, this is a must-read adventure.