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**Author Update Highlights: Poseidon’s Atlantis Adventure Series and Einstein’s Compass**

1. **Poseidon’s Atlantis Adventure Series:**

– The first book, “Poseidon’s Atlantis Adventure: The Human Hybrid Experiment,” is now available in e-book and paperback.


– January 2024: Awarded the prestigious Literary Titan Gold Award.

– Acclaimed with a five-star book review, recognizing the excellence of the storytelling. https://literarytitan.com/2023/12/29/poseidons-atlantis-adventure-the-human-hybrid-experiment/

2. **Enigma of the Vanished Trident -Poseidon’s Cursed Trident Unleashed (Next in Poseidon Atlantis Book Series):**

– Dive into the mythical realm of Atlantis where a shadowy betrayal sets off a series of events.

– Poseidon’s mighty trident is mysteriously stolen, unleashing an ancient curse that threatens Atlantis.

– The mystical island and underwater kingdom is plunged into chaos, and the fate of Atlantis hangs in the balance.

– Prepare for a thrilling journey as the once harmonious world faces turmoil and uncertainty.

3. **Einstein’s Compass: A YA Time Traveler Adventure:**

– Hollywood producer Rocky Lang has taken notice of the novel.

– A screenplay by writer/producer Rob Hedden is in the works to bring the story to television as a series.

– The unique tale explores the young Albert Einstein’s life during a time of horse and buggy days, offering a fresh perspective on his early years.

– Speculation about Einstein’s connection to Atlantis adds an intriguing layer to the narrative.

– Stay tuned for this captivating story to hit the silver screen soon.

Rob Hedden read “Poseidon’s Atlantis Adventure – The Human Hybrid Experiment” – Rob Hedden, writer-director, producer.

I read POSEIDON’S ATLANTIS ADVENTURE, which was highly entertaining – no surprise there. You’re a very good writer! Although it’s a separate story with different characters set in a much earlier time frame, it’s a captivating backstory to “Einstein’s Compass” since they both involve Atlantis. Poseidon’s story could be its own series of books, which I’m sure you have planned. Thanks for sharing it with me!

These achievements showcase continued success in the literary world, blending mythology, adventure, and historical intrigue. The recognition from Literary Titan and the interest from Hollywood reflect the widespread appeal and potential impact of my work. Readers can anticipate more exciting journeys into mythical realms and untold stories of historical figures in my upcoming releases.

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