Poseidon’s Atlantis Adventure 5 Star Book Review

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Grace Blair’s latest fantastical fiction, Poseidon’s Atlantis Adventure (2023), Book 1 of the Atlantis Book Series, Poseidon and the Titans have been entombed  most of their lives by their father, Cronus, who considers them a threat to his leadership of the gods. Poseidon and his brother Hades create an alliance with the one brother who wasn’t relegated to prison–Zeus.

In a fiery battle, they kill Cronus and gain their freedom. As victors, Hades is awarded Lord of the Underworld, Zeus the skies and the land, and Poseidon the seas. This works for a while, but Poseidon tires of being relegated to the underwater realm, without access to land and sun, and seeks a plan to change his destiny. That, of course, involves Atlantis.
In his quest to redefine his future, Poseidon finds himself in an unlikely alliance with another extraterrestrial being who promises him the power he wants in return for his aid stopping the evil forces that threaten the world. But, is the godly power of Poseidon enough to stop those who fight against him. Even he doesn’t know that answer.
This is a clever twist on the Olympian gods providing a peek into what could be if each of the gods didn’t remain in complete control of their domains.
Poseidon’s Atlantis Adventure is told in vivid detail as befits a tale of mythical gods and is filled with passion and action. It is highly recommended for those who love reading about the gods and fantasy.
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