Do You Have a Dream Workbook Podcast and Book Giveaway

Click Here Now Do You Have a Dream Workbook Giveaway

Listen to Grace on the podcast with Marianne Pestana as Grace explains how the Dream Book can work for you to receive your dreams.

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1 thought on “Do You Have a Dream Workbook Podcast and Book Giveaway”

  1. Wonderful— splendid reminder of how to manifest the true dreams of our lives. Grace has such an attuned, balanced and emotionally mature relationship with our own every day challenges that her spiritual practice for overcoming these challenges seems natural and within reach to each of us. Her 5 keys for Dream manifestation clear the way for releasing whatever stands in our way “ for the highest good of all involved.” Don’t let her warm effusive style give you the impression that she’s just touching surface issues. Her own path through healing and job obstacles gives her a deep knowledge, wisdom and love that she openly shares so we too might learn the secrets of her kingdom and enter there with her on equal footing. Well done, Grace. Thank you for sharing! Marsha J Orr

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